Achieve excellence by committing to small improvements every day.

If you’re not improving operations, you’re falling behind.

That’s the way it works in manufacturing. Stagnant businesses quickly become outdated and inefficient, which leads to increased costs and decreased competitiveness. Don’t be one of the businesses that gets left in the dust.

Manufacturing companies that don’t embrace continuous improvement

  • Lose their competitive edge
  • Fail to adopt time-saving technology
  • Have higher levels of waste
  • Experience higher customer dissatisfaction
  • Have higher turnover
  • Pay for unnecessary expenses
  • Fail to solve problems quickly

And that’s only a fraction of the issues you’re probably facing. Need continuous improvement support? 

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Shatter your expectations with continuous improvement support

Continuous improvement is a long-term commitment and your company’s key to success 

What you gain by working with iMpact Utah

Skyrocket productivity
Reduce costs
Quickly adapt to change
Establish a culture of innovation
Improve brand reputation
Mitigate risks
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Take the Pit Crew Challenge

Test your production team’s speed, efficiency, and communication skills in a hands-on "pit crew" simulation with an authentic race car. This is the go-to leadership and continuous improvement event for aspiring high-performance teams.

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Our Continuous Improvement Expertise and Trainings

  • Lean 101
  • 5S Workplace Organization Workshop/Event
  • The Pit Crew Challenge
  • Kaizen | Rapid Improvement Event
  • Problem Solving, Root Cause and Corrective Action
  • Value Stream Improvement & Mapping
  • Total Productive Maintenance Event
  • Design for Manufacturability and Assembly
  • Standard Work 
  • Training Within Industry | Job Instruction 
  • Training Within Industry | Job Methods 
  • Training Within Industry | Job Safety 
  • Inventory Management | Kanban
  • Efficient Factory Design
  • Optimizing Tactical Performance
Put What Works on Repeat

Fortify your team and processes with principles focused on progress. Work with experts who have helped hundreds of companies optimize their manufacturing methods, so they’re faster and less expensive while producing the same quality.