You don’t need another business consultant.

You need a manufacturing business partner.

We get our hands dirty with you to guarantee performance increases.

Pep talks and presentations mean nothing without progress

You don’t need another person telling you what to do. You need new ideas and business experts who hold themselves accountable to achieving excellence with you.

Our team of executive-level leaders and subject matter experts are tenacious in helping you achieve your goals. We’re committed to helping you thrive and improve countless lives as the result of your success. 


“Over the course of the year, we have made strides in organizational growth. The culture and associated behavioral changes have started to gain momentum and change positively. We have no current overdue orders with on-time delivery sitting at 99.56% for the year. The firefighting and start-stop efforts have been eliminated as we focus on the right priorities, allowing us to better utilize our resources and drive proactive behaviors. Our collaboration with iMpact Utah has allowed us to build on our strengths, and to elevate and accelerate our success as we plan better for the future.” 

Delegate your manufacturing roadblocks to trusted experts

We’ll jump right in. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses turn their organizations around by tightening strategies, finances, and team structures while increasing demand, capacity, and profits. iMpact Utah has the expertise to make a difference in every aspect of your business–from technology automation to sales.

iMpact Utah will triple your investment in measured business benefits or you don’t pay.

Add a Powerhouse Extension to Your Team

What does that look like in your facility? 

It’s one of our ops experts leading your management team through the visual management system process, so you’re empowered to set expectations, create accountability, and track performance improvement.

It’s an automation specialist looking at your manufacturing line and identifying new ways to save time and money on your systems and processes. 

It’s a marketing expert identifying opportunities to create more impactful connections and conversions with your ideal customers through a holistic brand and marketing strategy.

It looks like us following up on every system, strategy, and product we implemented so you never lose momentum toward your goals.

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