Increase demand and revenue with a proven strategy-first approach

If your team is not aligned on a clear sales and marketing strategy, you’re wasting money.

Manufacturers often feel overwhelmed by the vast and confusing world of sales and marketing.

All manufacturers are faced with

  • Fierce market competition
  • Changing consumer behaviors 
  • Overwhelming funnel types and options
  •  Marketing misinformation

If any of this hits close to home, you’re probably lacking the foundational elements of a clear sales and marketing strategy and attracts new customers and closes deals. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C manufacturer, a customized approach to finding and converting ideal leads will help you achieve your revenue goals.

It's easier than ever to sink energy and resources into relationship-building that doesn’t work. But when you partner with exec-level marketing and sales pros at iMpact, your strategy will feel like a no brainer.

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Areas of Genius

Effective marketing is all about alignment

Get the right eyes on your product. Your visual brand, marketing moves, and unique offer should sync together perfectly and deliver a clear, cohesive message. 

What you gain by working with us

Razor sharp messaging 
Visual brand strategy
Search engine optimized website
Content marketing strategy 
Customer engagement 
Measurable revenue growth 
Optimized time and resources 
Stand out from the competition 
Increased customer loyalty 

Long-term, strategic demand and lead generation support 

You know a marketing and sales strategy requires fuel, upkeep, and agility to keep pace with a changing marketplace.

Here’s how we support you

Sharpen your message and build a visually compelling brand


Chart a course for how to maximize your marketing and sales


Set you up with our trusted partners to keep your marketing machine running smoothly long-term

We’ll join you on the journey until you see consistent results.