The key to peak manufacturing performance: The iMpact Utah Team

Work shoulder to shoulder with experts in business growth

We’re not just talking about getting more business. We’re talking about working smarter and faster, elevating internal communication, having the capacity to expand, leveling up leadership, optimizing your offerings, and more. Our team of C-suite leaders have done all of it successfully.

We care about where you’re headed and we have the tools, training, and expertise to take you there.

“I've always wanted to work at a place where it feels like we’re coming together to make a difference in the world. Our team has a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience to share."
“We have been where you are, and we respect the journey. You need essential information and applicable tools that deliver real results. That’s what we deliver.”
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Committed to What Drives Manufacturing Excellence

Act With Integrity

Actions speak louder than words. We’ve earned our clients' trust because we consistently do the right thing–even if no one’s watching.

Be the Gold Standard

We make it our job to set the pace for business transformation and development in our state—and we don’t settle for 2nd place.

Enjoy the Journey 

Progress is exciting. We thoroughly enjoy challenging ourselves and working toward big goals with you. We believe work should be meaningful and fun.

Stay Curious 

Every day comes with new problems to solve. Without curiosity the best solutions to those problems would never be discovered. We’re always looking for new information and strategies that will help you succeed.

Take Accountability 

We take ownership of our decisions, behaviors, and actions so that we optimize performance and maximize growth. We stay accountable with our 3x guarantee that promises performance in return for your investment with us.

Lead With Empathy

Building a 5-star business can be brutal. We know the obstacles in your business are real because we’ve experienced them. We will always strive to see your business through your eyes, so we can work beside you to achieve landmark growth.

Meet the Transformation Team

Win Jeanfreau
Executive Director
“The Competitor”

Winthrop Jeanfreau is a visionary founder and CEO who has launched 13 companies and sold 8, resulting in up to 8-figure exits. Through his entrepreneurial successes, Win has become an exemplary leader, a master of business operations, and the business competitor you want on your team.

As iMpact Utah’s Executive Director, Win cares deeply about helping Utah manufacturers find real world solutions to their real world problems.

Win’s leadership portfolio is diverse. Throughout his career, he has achieved success in the computer, engineering, security, and overnight delivery industries, among others. One of his many career accomplishments was founding Aperion Audio where he became a pioneer of online, direct-to-consumer commerce, and a leader in the audiophile and home theater markets.

This range of experience gives Win the knowledge necessary to meet with any business team and quickly identify core business performance needs. He excels at simplifying complex problems, and distilling them into actionable, prioritized outcomes.

Prior to his position at iMpact Utah, Win was the Director of the Business Resource Center (BRC), the University Business Incubator, the Director of Executive Education, and served as the Associate Vice President of Academic Outreach and Economic Development at Utah Valley University (UVU). Under his leadership, the business incubator achieved record investment: 11.5 times more capital than the previous two reporting periods combined.

Win lives a life of adventure scuba diving, hunting, flying small planes, mountain biking, and riding motorcycles. He’s also an avid reader and lifelong learner who loves nothing more than spending time with family.  

Win earned a Bachelor of Science in organizational communications with a minor in business from the University of Utah, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Oregon.

Win Jeanfreau
Executive Director
“The Visionary”
Meet WIN
Shane Barber
Managing Director of Operations
 “The Master Mechanic”
Meet Shane
Sumer Sorensen-Bain
Managing Director of Sales
 “The Closer”
Meet Sumer
Stacy Ungricht 
Operations Quality Manager
“The Caretaker”
Meet Stacy
Catherine Bennett
Managing Director of Marketing
“The Optimist”
Meet catherine
Karely Brinton
Creative Director
“The Artiste”
Meet karely
Tyler Wandry
Director of IT & Cybersecurity
“The Wizard”
Meet tyler
Eric Burton
Senior Solutions Manager
“The Maven”
Meet eric
Nate NeVille
Transformation Partner
“The Enforcer”
Meet nate
Erik Fogleman
Transformation Partner
“The Adapter”
Meet erik
Bryant Vásquez
Transformation Partner, Cybersecurity
“The Defender”
Meet bryant
Brian Collyer
Transformation Partner
“The Architect”
Meet brian
Forrest Fackrell
Regional Director of Client Solutions
“The Connector”
Meet forrest
Bill Lee
Regional Director of Client Solutions
“The Rainmaker”
Meet bill
Brian Anderson
Regional Director of Client Solutions
“The Peacemaker”
Meet brian
Steve Silvester
Regional Director of Client Solutions
“The Coach”
Meet Steve
Jared Nielson
Regional Director of Client Solutions
“The Problem Solver”
Meet jared
Connor Jensen
Regional Director of Client Solutions
"The Facilitator"
Meet connor
Justin Hawkes
Regional Director of Client Solutions
“The Supporter”
Meet justin
Lisa Dale
Operations Quality Coordinator
"The Notifier"
Meet lisa
Kendrey Shaw
Office & Sales Support
“The Organizer”
Meet kendrey
Rachel Cheever
Accounting Manager
“The Excel Ninja”
Meet rachel