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2023 Assessment Results: Utah Manufacturer’s Operational Weaknesses

Optimizing processes has the potential to double a manufacturer's profitability. But it’s no small feat. Manufacturing is many things. Naturally agile isn’t one of them. Change and optimization take mammoth efforts, and a plethora of finely tuned collaborations, to see results. iMpact Utah has made transformations and quantifiable improvements in hundreds of manufacturing companies. Every company has its own challenges, but after assessing manufacturers in Utah, the data shows a few areas where most manufacturers struggle.

Beyond Traction: Taking the EOS Framework to the Next Level

Growth in manufacturing can feel impossible at times. If you want to get clear on your business goals and what it will take to achieve them, we have a lot of good things to say about the EOS/Traction Framework. However, we’ve worked with enough companies in the thick of EOS that we can substantiate some of its failings, especially when it comes to actually getting things done. We use the Straight 6 Method to fill gaps in EOS and create quantifiable results. 

Why “Shadowing” Isn’t an Effective Training Program and What to Do Instead

Job shadowing might be the most straightforward, low-cost approach to new employee training. It implies that we believe our best employees can transfer their knowledge and acquired skills to new employees. ‍But does shadowing work? From what we’ve seen, expecting new employees to master work skills from the sidelines actually costs companies more than it saves. ‍Here’s why we never recommend shadowing as a viable training program for new employees—plus, what method we do recommend.

The First Essential Step to Business Excellence: Strategy

Achieving any destination—in business and in life—requires setting clear expectations from Day 1 to achieve success. In business, these expectations are your strategy. Without strategy, your team will assume you’re all meeting at the same cabin in the woods, but instead end up at different cabins miles away from each other.