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Get Better Results with Lean by Using Common-Sense Language

Too many continuous improvement initiatives contain a glossary of terms that may be unfamiliar to your workforce. To help factories become efficient, we need to match and lead. By replacing jargon with common-sense language, leaders can facilitate better learning outcomes and more seamless implementations.

How the 2024 Utah Legislation Will Affect Manufacturers

The 2024 Utah Legislative Session brought a mix of news for manufacturers. While the income tax cut offers some financial breathing room, the energy bill and Great Salt Lake regulations present both opportunities and challenges.

A Candid Q&A With Two Award-Winning Women in Manufacturing

The past decade has seen an increasing number of women entering the manufacturing workforce. While this is hopeful news, women still only make up about a third of employees in the industry. To understand the challenges and rewards women experience in manufacturing, we interviewed Allyse Jackson, CEO of Beehive Meals, and Mofan Sanderson, Quality Control Manager at Lakanto, to understand their experiences in a male dominated industry and see what we can learn from it.

ISO & Lean—Which One Manufacturers Should Tackle First

Delivering consistent quality while keeping processes streamlined is an age-old struggle. ISO and Lean methodologies help manufacturers tackle quality control and efficiency, respectively. But how do you decide which one your business needs right now?Well, it’s a trick question. Because you don’t necessarily have to choose between them. Lean and ISO serve different purposes, but they complement each other. ISO is all about locking in processes, writing them down, and making sure they’re happening as written. Lean is about improving those processes for greater efficiency and less waste. Either can help maximize your profits.