Business Metrics & Rewards 

Use the right data to fuel your manufacturing company forward

What gets measured gets done.

You know metrics and rewards are vital to tracking progress and pushing operations performance. The trick is knowing what data to track and how to track it so you recognize commendable effort.

It’s especially tough when manufacturing companies

  • Have a sea of information to make sense of
  • Spend too much time fixing problems
  • Lack a simple system to track performance
  • Struggle with disconnected employees 
  • Are misaligned with company goals 
  • Follow metrics that don’t reflect true performance
  • Use a reward system that doesn’t incentivize employees

Transform your performance measurement system so it motivates and inspires improvement

Performance metrics should improve performance, not just paint a picture of what went wrong.

What you gain by working with iMpact Utah

Our employee engagement solutions have delivered transformative results for businesses, including:

Employee engagement
and empowerment
Cost savings and waste reduction
Data-driven decision-making
Reduced downtime
Resource optimization
Goal clarity
Product Spotlight

Transformational Performance Measures

Measurement is a tool for management. Work with us through the 5 steps of performance measurement, from understanding your business strategy to defining exactly what the floor team needs to do to meet objectives. Our hands-on approach ensures the process is carried out to perfection.

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Set ambitious targets.
Then meet them.

You can’t play the game if you don’t know how well you’re performing. Transformational Performance Measures will completely change the way your team understands the business and competes every day.