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Most business consultants tell you what’s wrong with your company.

But, they don’t know your manufacturing business like you do. With iMpact Utah’s business self-assessment, your team discovers opportunities to improve together, so you achieve total alignment on your goals and make them reality. We lead the discussion. You take the mic.

By the end, you’ll nail down

  • Operational pain points
  • What’s causing the pain
  • An agreed upon optimization plan that solves the pain

Have a management or strategy meeting coming up? Add the assessment to your agenda.

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“The assessment feedback iMpact gave us on how we could improve was not only helpful for me, but for my entire team. They were happy to see that leadership was willing to discover areas to improve and then execute.”

"This is cutting-edge leadership science ... this is the top of the game right here."

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How It Works
Request the Assessment

Tell us when your team is ready to begin and we’ll send a link to the assessment 

Complete the Online Evaluation

Each member of your leadership team answers approximately 50 questions, depending on industry, about how business operations are running in 6 key areas. Questions are answered anonymously and we don’t ask for contact information.

Discuss Results & Create Roadmap

One of our business experts will facilitate a productive, 2-hour discussion with your team, walking through the team pain points, causes of those pain points, and potential solutions. The final product is a customized business optimization plan you can self-implement.

The 6 Cylinders of Business Excellence

Imagine your business is a vehicle. Your vehicle is purposely built to reach a destination. The vehicle must have an engine that powers the operation to deliver its cargo to the end customer. 

Well-run, high-growth businesses are dialed-in in these 6 areas we can “cylinders.” Each cylinder must be timed perfectly, or your engine won’t run efficiently. The assessment dives into how well you’re doing in each area.


Does your strategy identify the objectives and goals you want to achieve? Do you have an actionable plan to achieve your strategy? Most companies have an incomplete strategy that doesn’t drive results.


Is the structure of your team aligned to the strategy? If not, you might be experiencing friction between people and departments.

People Systems

Do your systems enable and empower the people working in your organization? Do you know how your systems are measured and how they contribute to the strategy? Low performance is often a symptom of weak people systems.

Methods & Tools

Are there clear processes, systems, and standards around how you operate? Organizations who struggle in this area often see quality, safety, and productivity issues. 

Lateral Processes

How well do your teams communicate and collaborate? Lateral processes combine organization structure and work methods together to eliminate silos and fuel progress.

Metrics & Rewards

Is your organization’s performance and metrics matching your strategy? You won’t know until you link your strategy and metrics all the way down to individual people.

Stop putting out fires

Take your days from reactive to proactive by putting systems in place that prevent operational fires from happening. With assessment insights, you can discover exactly what your team needs to do to achieve an effective business strategy, ultimately increasing your productivity, employee morale, and profits.

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