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Your Teamwork

Take The

Pit crew


Test your speed, efficiency, and communication skills in a hands-on "pit crew" simulation with an authentic NASCAR. This is the go-to leadership and continuous improvement event meant for aspiring high-performance teams.

take the challenge

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Accelerate Production & Results

Boost Employee Morale

Renew Sense of Leadership

"I can easily say this was the best training I have experienced. Not only was it fun and engaging for our entire employee base, but the benefits that came because of this experience have been innumerable. After several months, our teams continue to refer to and rely on the concepts that were learned in this team-building experience."

How It Works

Pit Crew Round 1

With some instruction to start, teams are timed as they rotate two tires on a retired NASCAR


Classroom Discovery

An iMpact instructor teaches core Continuous Improvement principles so the teams improve collaboration and efficiency.


Pit Crew Round 2

The same teams apply what they learned and rotate the tires in choreographed precision to beat their original time.

Some teams shave a full minute off of their time from the first round to the last round!
Take your team from underperforming to record-breaking

Fortify your team and processes with principles focused on progress. Work with iMpact Utah's experts who have helped hundreds of companies optimize their manufacturing methods, so they’re faster and less expensive while producing the same quality.