Employee Engagement 

Boost company performance and morale by developing exceptional leaders

An uninspired employee culture can be costly. 

72% of employees quit their immediate supervisor 
51% find their new job through word-of-mouth 
75% say culture is a deciding factor in choosing employment and staying with a company 

Low productivity, poor culture, and subsequent turnover can put your goals out of reach.

Many manufacturing companies deal with 

  • Skill and knowledge gaps 
  • Insufficient training for rising leaders
  • Burnout and high turnover 
  • Communication barriers
  • Failure to improve what isn’t working
  • A lack of vision for the future

These are only a few of the hurdles you’re jumping. We’ll help you build a work environment where the right people come and want to stay. 

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Leadership determines culture— so we build exceptional leaders

iMpact Utah is a trusted business solutions and transformation partner with a proven track record of doubling and tripling employee engagement.

Our leadership resources equip you with leaders who manage themselves well, create a positive culture, inspire innovation, and trust others.

What you gain by working with  iMpact Utah

Our employee engagement solutions have delivered transformative results for businesses, including:

High-trust culture
Happy and committed teams
High levels of discretionary effort 
Easier hiring and on-boarding processes
Larger pool of qualified applicants
More peaceful and cooperative workplace
Employees connected to the company's vision

See How We Transformed Lion Energy With Leadership Support

Manufacturers of portable solar-powered generators. 

Fine-tuning processes and boosting team performance paved the way for explosive growth and saved their business hundreds of thousands.
$10 Million

New or Retained Sales


In Cost Savings


New or Retained Jobs

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Our Employee Engagement Expertise and Trainings

Employee Engagement
Crucial Conversations
Emerging Leaders
Emerging Leaders Elective
Optimizing Leader Performance
Training Within Industry Job Relations
Single Point Accountability and Decision-Making
Product Spotlight

Crucial Team Conversations

Learn how to have high-stakes conversations in your organization without harming relationships and achieving results. In these Crucial Conversations, opinions and emotions are strong; however, with the right communication skills you can turn disagreement into productive dialogue.

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Your culture is as important as quarterly statements.

Success is more than sales. Bottom line outcomes will always hinge on employee trust, satisfaction, and engagement. Work with a leadership expert to hone your people processes, keep your talent, and build a work environment employees rave about.