Efficient Factory Design

Every person, process, and piece of equipment fine-tuned for growth

In a matter of days, get the hard-to-reach data you need to cut costs, improve safety, and see into the future with an optimized facility.

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To outpace competitors, you have to optimize.

Most companies we’ve assessed operate at a mere 30% of their potential. To us, that says pulling past your competition isn’t a matter of effort. It’s a matter of efficiency.

And the best part? Radical efficiency is now within reach.

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iMpact Utah is trusted by leading manufacturers

“They partnered with us and within the first month we were hitting record shipments, and these have increased for the past 3 months.”

"It has allowed us to lay out an efficient factory prototype and revealed to us several design improvements that will make assembly faster, make the product better, and make the product at a lower cost."

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Get hard-to-reach data about your operation to create a better future for your factory floor.

Supercharge output 

Cut wait times, eliminate bottlenecks, and ramp up productivity for optimal results.

Improve safety

Create a safer environment, reduce accidents, and build a culture of safety. 

Slash costs 

Cut back on waste when you optimize resources and tighten up energy efficiency.

Generate accurate headcounts

Staff right the first time: informed headcount planning eliminates overstaffing and understaffing.

Identify constraints

Target problems, not symptoms: Data-driven constraint identification ensures accurate root cause analysis.

See into the future

Eliminate guesswork by having the right inventory at the right levels to reduce cost and waste.

Map out process flows

Boost your production line with data-driven process mapping.

Lead with conduct time studies

Are you operating at peak efficiency? Find out and seize hidden potential.

Model capacity

Say goodbye to guesswork. Capacity modeling delivers unparalleled accuracy.

How we work with you

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Pinpoint where you are VS where you can be.

Documenting the current state creates a baseline for the gap to the defined future state. With this data, roadmaps can be developed, funding established and resources defined to achieve your desired outcome.

Create a roadmap.

Our industry experts reimagine your factory layout. Then we draw it up and plan out the building and installation process so there are no questions.

Help you execute.

Unlike most consultancies, we don’t hand you a detailed to-do list and circle back in 6 months. We come in boots-on-the-ground to ensure industry standard quality. And we don’t leave until it’s done.

The iMpact Guarantee

We’re committed to our mission to support Utah manufacturers and strengthen the economy of Utah. We don’t stop working until you triple your investment in measurable outcomes.

Look Inside Efficient Factory Design 

Process Review, Data Collection & Change Awareness

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  • Define and quantify problems to solve
  • Create a value stream map (current state)
  • Prioritize the top 3 actions per process
  • Identify the top 3 actions for the factory

Efficient Factory Design Principles & Future State

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  • Efficient Factory Design training
  • Create a value stream map (future state)
  • Daily volumes/mix requirements forecast
  • Process flow session training 
  • Standard work time studies 

Capacity Planning and 14 Steps Masters Plan

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  • Key business & process indicators
  • Process lean reengineering training

Production Preparation Process & Efficient Factory Design Layout

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  • Initial block diagram: High level vision of new factory design 
  • Efficient factory design 14 STEPS training 
  • 3P Events; Rounds 1-7
  • Complete final layout and master plan 

Choose the outcome that fits your needs


Redesign Your Facility

Time for a factory floor revamp? We’ll help you pull it off confidently. Create a customized plan for a new layout, expansion, or relocation.


  • Value Stream Mapping: your lean tool for visualizing the entire material and information flow—from raw materials to the customer's hands. 
  • Daily Volumes/Mix Requirements Forecast: optimize production, reduce waste, and make data-driven decisions for a smoother and more cost-effective operation.
  • Complete Factory Design: detailed master plan for your factory redesign built on Efficient Factory Design principles

Operate Better with EFD Workflow/ Capacity Design

With this 4-day EFD Workflow/Capacity Design program, you’ll receive critical data on the current state of your business and a design plan for reaching an optimized future state.


  • Current State Assessment: A documented analysis of your factory's current capacity, inventory, staffing, and demand.
  • Future State Design: A roadmap outlining how to achieve improved efficiency in your factory.
  • Implementation Plan: This plan will include how to secure funding, allocate resources, and define steps to reach your desired outcome.

What to expect

  • Review the 14 steps for an Efficient Factory Design
  • Understand Efficient Factory Design principles and future state
  • Learn process review, data collection, and change awareness
  • Realize concepts of performance monitoring and lean reengineering
  • Understand the value of (3P) Production, Preparation, Process
  • Create an EFD implementation plan

What you gain

  • Key stakeholders engage and align to company goals
  • Employees take direct ownership for area improvements
  • Business increases productivity, quality, safety, and employee engagement
  • Team enhances culture by committing to continuous improvement methodology

Optimize your facility.
Boost profits.

Take the most important step towards increasing your bottom line.

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