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Win Jeanfreau

Executive Director

“The Visionary"

Winthrop Jeanfreau is a visionary founder and CEO who has launched 13 companies and sold 8, resulting in up to 8-figure exits. Through his entrepreneurial successes, Win has become an exemplary leader, a master of business operations, and the business competitor you want on your team.

As iMpact Utah’s Executive Director, Win cares deeply about helping Utah manufacturers find real world solutions to their real world problems.

Win’s leadership portfolio is diverse. Throughout his career, he has achieved success in the computer, engineering, security, and overnight delivery industries, among others. One of his many career accomplishments was founding Aperion Audio where he became a pioneer of online, direct-to-consumer commerce, and a leader in the audiophile and home theater markets.

This range of experience gives Win the knowledge necessary to meet with any business team and quickly identify core business performance needs. He excels at simplifying complex problems, and distilling them into actionable, prioritized outcomes.

Prior to his position at iMpact Utah, Win was the Director of the Business Resource Center (BRC), the University Business Incubator, the Director of Executive Education, and served as the Associate Vice President of Academic Outreach and Economic Development at Utah Valley University (UVU). Under his leadership, the business incubator achieved record investment: 11.5 times more capital than the previous two reporting periods combined.

Win lives a life of adventure scuba diving, hunting, flying small planes, mountain biking, and riding motorcycles. He’s also an avid reader and lifelong learner who loves nothing more than spending time with family.  

Win earned a Bachelor of Science in organizational communications with a minor in business from the University of Utah, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Oregon.

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