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Stacy Ungricht

Operations Quality Manager

“The Caretaker”

Stacy Ungricht’s diverse professional experience includes management in quality assurance, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, operations management, employee relations, marketing events, corporate training, project management, and compliance auditing.

Stacy enjoys seeing iMpact Utah’s clients thrive through the power of knowledge.

“Our values as a company help us cultivate healthy working relationships that improve the lives and businesses we serve.”

Prior to iMpact Utah, Stacy was the bookstore manager of Mountainland Technical College (MTech) for eight years, overseeing four campus locations, the printing center, and a portion of the MTech marketing department. She also worked as a project manager assistant at Novell for over nine years. Her other professional experiences include work as a cofounder of RidingLife, a branch office manager for Cambridge Financial, and a quality assurance manager for Security Metrics.

Stacy’s early career was in nursing where she worked for over 10 years. She earned her associate degree from Utah Valley University and her nursing degree from the Excelsior College Nursing Program.

Stacy and her two children are self-proclaimed “outdoor junkies.” Having grown up exploring the mountains of Utah with family, she looks forward to any time she can spend on kayaks, on boards, or hiking.

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