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Nate NeVille

Transformation Partner

“The Enforcer”

Nate Neville has helped hundreds of companies achieve ISO or AS-based management certifications quickly and easily.

As an ISO and AS certified auditor, Nate excels at helping manufacturers achieve high quality and management standards.

He has 20+ years of experience in business management, manufacturing, project management, quality, and operations. He’s also helped a wide range of companies from manufacturers to service providers.

Nate has helped hundreds of companies quickly and easily establish and maintain useful and sustainable ISO or AS-based management systems and achieve valuable certifications:

  • For one client, quick certification coupled with effective training for system sustainability yielded over $1M in new business and over $100K in cost savings.
  • For another growing, family-owned manufacturer, timely certification meant the acquisition and renewal of over $8M in contracts. Nate helped this business achieve two separate certifications in less than 4 months. In turn, they obtained an additional $200K in new business while saving $100K in reduced costs. This company a few years later is up to 11 people, 3x the manufacturing capacity, and still bringing in more business than they can handle.

Nate is a certified lead auditor in AS9100, AS9120, ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 13485. His skills include gap analysis, document preparation, process improvement, and internal auditor training.

For Nate, safety is more than a priority, it's a core value. Nate brings an energy around industry safety standards that helps managers and employees to engage more fully with their safety goals. Nate is also passionate about simplifying ISO and AS compliance, making it easier and faster for companies to achieve certification. He prides himself in not only helping them achieve ISO certification but also maintaining their certification moving forward.

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