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Erik Fogleman

Transformation Partner

“The Adapter”

Erik is an engineer and business consultant with a deep understanding of manufacturing automation. He excels in deploying new technology systems, streamlining operations, and helping clients pursue continuous improvement.

Over the course of his career, Erik has elevated dozens of businesses’ operations and prepared them for organizational change.

Key accomplishments:

  • Erik led a project that implemented software tools for processing 3D models at a steel fabrication company. The project reduced quoting and estimation time by 90%, increased quotation accuracy from 50% to 90%, and improved manufacturing efficiency by 50%.
  • Erik facilitated a market scouting project which helped a wastewater system manufacturer identify global partnering opportunities. They were able to enter a $150million market while avoiding $1 million in R&D efforts and potential patent infringement lawsuits.
  • For an aerospace manufacturing company, Erik identified software solution providers and facilitated projects that led to a 75% reduction in machine programming times, 30% improvement in CNC shop efficiency, and 25% improvement in capacity and machine utilization.

Erik is quick to understand new technology, spot opportunities for optimization, and solve the unique problems that plague manufacturers, which he has demonstrated in his roles with i-Automation, Minarik, and more.

Erik has an MBA from Southern Connecticut University and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah.

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