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Eric Burton

Senior Solutions Manager

“The Maven”

Eric Burton is a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt with more than 15 years of lean manufacturing experience. He’s a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on lean implementation with a no-nonsense approach to process improvement.

Eric has led hundreds of lucrative operations projects for companies. In some of his most notable, he:

  • Generated a nearly $3 million annual improvement to the bottom line of a mid-sized co-manufacturing company. Using his expertise, Eric spearheaded initiatives that improved global product fulfillment across 100+ countries while reducing overall inventory levels. Implementing lean techniques, he achieved a 30% production volume increase without additional staffing. Finally, Eric left the company with a reduced machinery footprint.
  • Delivered impactful results at a durable goods manufacturer, achieving a 13% increase in contribution margin ratio on a key product, boosting profitability. He simultaneously improved on-time delivery and reduced warranty claims, enhancing customer satisfaction. Eric then cut operational support payroll by over $1 million annually by optimizing floor efficiency and machine uptime.
  • Demonstrably improved efficiency and cut costs at a software company. Eric implemented a problem-solving and improvement system that yielded $1.5 million recovered within one year.

Eric learned lean manufacturing as a blue-collar guy on the shop floor. That experience has let him connect with team members that may be skeptical about the value of lean implementation. He understands that the best way to motivate employees and reduce turnover is to empower them with the ability to find solutions to their work problems. As part of iMpact Utah’s commitment to delivering real results, he is fearless about telling clients what they need to hear to increase employee satisfaction and profits.

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