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Connor Jensen

Regional Director of Client Solutions

"The Facilitator"

Connor uses his business strategy background to help manufacturers identify their most pressing needs and find solutions that make the biggest impact. He has worked in multiple departments, giving him insight into how people and processes successfully work together that create great outcomes.

Throughout his career, he has held various roles, including a regional manager at Lumio, operations manager at Blue Raven Solar, and marketing administrator at 5Strata. Connor’s displayed his aptitude for high performance when he led one of the top-performing teams at Lumio and improved inspection quality by 15% at Blue Raven, consistently outperforming industry standards by over 10%. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in achieving the first cash flow positive quarter for Blue Raven’s 3rd-party work department by managing their P&L statement.

Connor’s strength lies in facilitating engaging conversations, setting goals, and creating action plans for teams ranging from 5 to 80 members. His strategic mindset drives continuous process improvement and helps others reach their full potential.

Connor graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in business strategy.

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Headshot of iMpact Utah Regional Director of Client Solutions Connor Jensen
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