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Bryant Vásquez

Transformation Partner, Cybersecurity

“The Defender”

Bryant Vásquez is a cybersecurity specialist with over 10 years of experience in his field. As the official cybersecurity representative of the NIST MEP National Network in Utah and a CMMC-AB registered practitioner, Vásquez is a proven expert in performing cybersecurity gap analyses, training clients in cybersecurity best practices, and helping manufacturers respond to cyber threats. 

“At iMpact Utah, we customize our service to the manufacturer. When it comes to cybersecurity, we come in and understand their needs, their network, their technology, and we become their personalized cybersecurity advisor.” 

Before iMpact Utah, Vásquez worked at the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center (UUMEP) where he developed and led the Utah NIST MEP information security program. Vásquez also worked at Broadcom, Equinox, and Symantec. 

Vásquez has a Master’s of Science in Information Systems and Cybersecurity from the University of Utah. Vásquez has also earned numerous certifications in his field. 

Vásquez enjoys hiking, biking, and playing soccer, as well as spending time with his kids. Originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Vásquez started an initiative he calls “Empowering Through Education” in which he organizes and coordinates funding to help disadvantaged children in his home country receive an education.

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